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What's the Story

Hello there, my name is Marco Sidella and it has always been a dream of mine to create my own agency where I can provide the knowledge, skill, and leadership to others to empower and change lives. 


Born and raised in Redwood City, California.  My father was an immigrant from Italy and ventured out here to California to provide an opportunity for his family to grow.  Being his son, I looked up to him and developed a hunger inside me to create my own operation. 


Working at numerous ABA agencies:  Quality Behavioral Outcomes, I Can Too Learning, Trumpet Behavioral Health, Children Health Council, Easter Seals, and Kyo. I have knowledge, experience, and treatments in collaboration with these agencies and know what proper treatment should look like. 


Therefore, the creation of Alternative Behavioral Solutions was born.  I value quality treatment and advocacy for the best of each individual I serve. Go ahead and make a free appointment with me so we can discover together the right treatment for your family.   

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Marco Sidella BCBA

Founder/CEO/Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Marco Sidella is board certified behavior analyst and passionate about helping others change theirs lives. He chose behavior because he truly believes in making a difference to people.

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